Spis epizodów

Spis epizodów:

1. Uzumaki Naruto Arrives!!
2. I am Konohamaru!
3. A Rival?! Sasuke and Sakura.
4. Trial! Survival training.
5. Failure? Kakashi’s conclusion.
6. Important Mission! Heading to the country of the Wave!
7. The assassin of the mist!
8. Decision sworn on pain.
9. Sharingan Kakashi.
10. The forest of Chakra.
11. The country that had a hero.
12. Battle at the bridge! Zabuza once again!!
13. Haku’s Secret Jutsu: Demonic Ice Mirrors.
14. Hyperactive No. 1, Naruto joins the battle!
15. The fight in zero visibility: the Sharingan crumbles.
16. The released seal.
17. The white past. The secret feelings.
18. A tool called Shinobi.
19. Zabuza, fallen in the snow.
20. Enter the new chapter! Its the Chunnin exam.
21. Name yourselves! The arriving opponents!!
22. Energy 120 percent! A modern and rocking challenge!
23. Defeat the rivals! All nine rookies have assembled!
24. Failure already? The super difficult first test.
25. An off-the-cuff match! The tenth question we must hold out on.
26. Must watch! Report before entering the forest of death! Its Kohono’s school newspaper.
27. Second exam starts! Everyone around us is an enemy!
28. Eat or be eaten! Naruto becomes bait.
29. Naruto strikes back! I’m not going to run away!
30. Revive Sharingan! Finish move – fire element, dragon fire technique.
31. Platonic thick brows! I will protect you until I die.
32. Sakura blooms! The back of determination.
33. The ultimate formation! Ino Shika Chou!!
34. Akamaru suprised! Gaara’s exceptional ability.
35. Absolutly no peeking! The secret of the scroll!
36. Replication match! I’m the main character!
37. Second exam completed! All of them are here, the rookie nine!
38. Those who pass cut down to half?! Its a fight without warning!
39. Super eyebrows jealous! Lion Combo is born!
40. A touch-and-go situation!! Kakashi vs Orochimaru.
41. Rivals clash! The hearts of the girls are in serious mode.
42. The best battle is… Alright damn it!
43. Shikamaru staggers?! Female ninja’s heated battle.
44. Akamaru joins the fight!! Which one will be the underdog ???
45. Hinata blushes! The crowed opens their mouthes wide, Naruto’s trump card.
46. Opening of the Byakugan!! A big decision of shy Hinata!
47. Infront of the person I admire!!
48. Crash Gaara! Youthfulness! Power! Explosion!
49. Hot blooded loser! Finally the forbidden secret technique blossoms!
50. Oh, Rock Lee! This is how a man lives!
51. Shadow moving in the darkness crisis approaches Sasuke.
52. Ebisu again! I dont allow shameless deeds.
53. Hey, stop for a second! Pervert Sennin appears.
54. Taught directly by the Pervert Sennin. Its the Summon-No-Jutsu.
55. Painful feeling, the single flower with a wish in it.
56. Life or death!? Mastering the move is life threatening.
57. He flew! He jumped! He sank! Enter the frog boss!
58. The evil hand sneaks near! The targeted hospital room.
59. Furious, intense chase, and agressive dash. The main matches begin.
60. Byakugan vs Shadow Repliation! I will win!
61. No blind spot! The other absolute defense.
62. Dropouts hidden power.
63. Disqualified?! Danger! Moving ahead of schedule! The main tournament with troubles!
64. The clouds are nice… The guy with no interest.
65. Clash! The moment Konoha dances and Sand wriggles!
66. Sasuke goes wild special!
67. The man who calls up a storm! Sasuke’s Fuzzy Eyebrow style combat move!
68. I wasn’t late for nothing! Ultimate move – Chidori revealed!
69. Destruction of Konoha Commenced!
70. I was waiting for it! It’s an A-rank Mission!!
71. Coward No.1 It’s troublesome, but I’ve got to do it!!
72. Absolutely incomparable! A Hokage-level battle!
73. The Hokage’s mistake. The true face under the mask.
74. Forbidden Master Technique – Shiki Fuujin.
75. Going over the limit… Sasuke’s Decision.
76. Assassin In The Moonlight.
77. Light and Darkness, The Name Gaara.
78. Explosion! This is the Naruto ninpou book!
79. Exceeding the Limit: Light and Shadow.
80. Third, Farewell Forever!!
81. The Homecoming in the Morning Mist.
82. Sharingan Vs. Sharingan.
83. Ohh Noo! Jiraiya’s Woman Trouble, Naruto’s Trouble.
84. Growl Chidori, Roar Sasuke!
85. Foolish Little Brother, Hate, and Detest!
86. Training Commences, I swear I’m Going to Become Stronger!
87. Guts!!! Pop, Water Balloon!
88. The Konoha Mark and Forehead Protector.
89. Ripple.
90. Exploded Anger! I Won’t Forgive You.
91. The First Hokage’s Inheritance, The Necklace that Calls Upon Death.
92. Yes or No! Tsunade’s Answer.
93. Negotiations Broken Down.
94. Eat it! Ransengan of Anger!
95. The Fifth Hokage, The Battle That She Bets Her Life On!
96. Three-Way Deadlock Battle!
97. Naruto’s Hot Spring Experience!
98. Quit Being A Ninja! Tsunade’s Notice
99. The One Who Inherits The Dying Wish of Fire.
100. The Hot-Blooded Relationship Between Teacher and Student! The Time When Guys Show Their Way of the Ninja!
101. I Wanna See, I Wanna Know, I Wanna Find Out! Kakashi’s True Form!

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